Invited Lectures and Events


Engineered for success. Doing research in Germany. Sponsored by DAAD.  New York, NY
What infants have to say about autism. Workshop on prematurity and autism: Perspectives from Neuroscience. University Cagliari, Italy
Joint attention in the first year. University Cagliari, Italy
Doing Developmental Research. University Cagliari, Italy
Social cognition and early learning. University of Verona, Italy
Move, Baby! Motor development, communication and learning. University of Verona, Italy
Learning from joint attention. University Cagliari, Italy
Raising children in the digital age. Rullingnet Corp. New York, NY
How infants learn from adults: The role of joint attention. International Congress on Knowledge through Interaction: University Heidelberg, Germany
Communicating developmental science with social media. University Heidelberg, Germany
What infants have to say about autism. Hunter-Cornell Weil Autism Symposium. Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder
German Academic International Network. Career paths for postdocs and researchers in Germany. MIT. Boston, MA
Joint attention in early learning. University Ghent, Belgium
How to become a young investigator in Germany. German Academic International Network. Washington DC
What infants have to say about Autism. University Cosenza, Italy
What modern books and art can do for children and research. Falling Walls. Einstein Foundation. Berlin, Germany
Early Precursors and Neural Underpinnings of Joint Attention in Infancy. Workshop on Joint Attention, Bochum, Germany
Learning from infants. Jacobs Foundation Conference, Marbach Castle, Germany
The study of infants and autism. Hingham High School
Infants’ understanding of others. What develops? European Conference on Developmental Psychology, Jena, Germany
Social Cognition in the first year: What develops? College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, USA
Kommunikation und Interaktion in der Entwicklung-Wie beeinflussen soziale Reize das frühkindliche Lernen? Symposium turmdersinne 2006. Nürnberg, Germany
Learning from joint attention cues in infancy. International Symposium. University Kyoto, Japan
Social cues influence learning about objects in infancy. International workshop on learning and adjustment disorders. Leipzig, Germany
From Brain to Behavior and Behavior to Brain: Development in the first year. University Leipzig. Jahrestag. Center for Advanced Studies, Leipzig, Germany
Infants and Internationalization. German Parliament, Berlin, Germany
Infants and Internationalization: What develops? Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Berlin, Germany
Infant Social Development in the first 3 months. University of Leipzig Women’s Hospital.Leipzig Germany
Dyadic interaction as a precursor of language development. International Workshop: Perceptual, Cognitive, and Neuropsychological perspectives on normal and impaired language development. Berlin, Germany
Doing Developmental Research. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Washington DC
Developing Social Cognition. Pace University. New York
Learning from joint attention. New York University. Department of Applied Psychology, New York
Tips on publishing in academia (panel). Hunter College
Joint attention and early learning. University Rome, Italy
Early Cognitive Development. University Osnabruck, Germany
Early Autism. University Osnabruck, Germany
What infants have to say about autism. Hunter College Autism Group
Developing Social Cognition. Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons
Social Cognition: What develops? Graduate Center of City University, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Expressions and attention in the first year. University of Cosenza, Department of Psychology, Italy
Early development of social understanding. University Ghent. Ghent, Belgium
Social Cognition: What develops? University Ghent. Ghent, Belgium
Developing an understanding others in the first year. University Gießen. Gießen, Germany
Methods to study early social cognitive development. Max Planck Institute for Human Development. Berlin, Germany
Understanding facial and vocal signals in early infancy. University of Jena, Jena, Germany
Understanding others in the first year: Is behavior enough? Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Leipzig, Germany
Social cognition in the first year. University Verona, Italy
Study of early social cognition. University Verona, Italy
Understanding others in the first year. University College London, London, UK
Early social cognition. University of Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Understanding others in early infancy. Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Developing Social Cognition in Dyadic and Triadic Contexts. CNRS, Hopital el la Salpetriere, Paris, France
Early Development of Social Cognition. University of Miami, Florida, USA
Emerging social cognition in the first year. Ontario Institute for Study of Education. University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Early development of social information gathering. University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy
Early Symbolic Functioning in Children. College of the Holy Cross. Department of Psychology. Worcester, Massachusetts
Early Development of Social Cognition. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Early development of Social Cognition. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. Leipzig, Germany
Emerging dyadic and triadic social competencies and understanding intentions in others. University of Munich and MPI Psychology Colloquium Series